Our Team

Company Role

Nicky is director and co-founder of Pick's Organic Farm, Nicky started the business in 1999 with her cousin Tim (Tim sadly passed away in 2019). Having young children at the... read more

Dave (snr)
Farm Manager

Dave (snr) is a 3rd generation beef and sheep farmer.  He has spent his life working with livestock having grown up on farms with his father.  Dave have been driving tractors... read more

Market Manager

Paul came to join the Picks team 12 years ago as a delivery driver. He helps with all aspects of the business. Paul does markets in London at the weekends and does odd jobs... read more

Admin and Farm Assistant

Elyce started helping at the farm from the age of 14 and her passion for the animals and the countryside is still a major part of the development of her role. Although her time... read more


Butcher Steve has been with us since we started doing London markets, friendly and massively experienced you can always get a warm smile and great service.

Phill Butchery Assistant

Phill's background is in catering, but he is now a full-time member of the Picks team. Phill works alongside Hamid preparing the meat for the weekend and sells our produce at... read more

Retired Sheep Dog

Retired sheep dog Misty can still do a good job if she is in the right frame of mind but prefers to sleep on the yard and enjoys the attention that she gets form everyone.

Farm Mascot

As the smallest but most feisty member of the team, Chip spends her days keeping the farm cats and chickens at bay. She loves being a passenger while checking on animals and... read more

Ents Manager

Millie is by far the funniest member of the team. Unable to keep her feet on the ground for more than 2 minutes, her energy and enthusiasm is loved by all. Her happy... read more

Trainy Sheep Dog

As the newest member of the team, Rico enjoys long walks around the farm and bringing his ball to the gate to show customers. He is yet to prove himself as a sheepdog! This... read more